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The Story

I grew up in Gary, Indiana, a colorful, creative community that taught me how to “make beauty” with whatever I had.  Over 30 years of African dancing, teaching and performing in Seattle, WA, Canada, Africa, and the States, I developed Rhythms stores, crafted indigenous products and designed marketplaces which became "my way of life."

Integrity Solutions was born out of the need to develop the entrepreneur mindset building cultural identity and capacity.  Our Team has modeled one of the premier, solution oriented programs in WA State.

We have taught, seeded and cultivated businesses with Othello Marketplace, QueenCare Products, Girls, Inc., Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, Boys and Girls Club, Columbia City Craft Markets, Inner-city Entrepreneurial Training Programs, P.O.C.A.A.N., Rite of Passage Experiences (R.O.P.E.), and many others.

The essence of our lifestyle brand is authentic, and earth rustic simple luxury.  Our vision is to reclaim the “Do It Yourself” creativity that sometimes lay dormant in the vast potential of every human being.

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